We cater for all budgets from price-conscious backpackers to those looking for that little bit of luxury. All our prices are competitive and inclusive so there are never any nasty hidden extras. Where minimum numbers are required for tours/treks/activities, we will make sure, where possible, that you are placed with other groups to avoid missing out. We do not charge commission on accommodation bookings, The price quoted per room is the price you pay.

Please contact us for details and discounts of family and large group booking. 


All our prices are in Euros and are based per person. Please contact us for details of child prices.



In order for us to confirm your booking, a 20% deposit will be required of the total amount: this allows us to book accommodation, guides and drivers on your behalf. We will send you a PayPal invoice for the deposit that will need to be paid before your arrival date.  The amount payable will be listed in Euros. PayPal accepts all major credit cards or money transfers (if you have a PayPal account). Once your deposit has been received, we will send you a confirmation email. The booking confirmation will indicate the balance due payable in cash in Indonesia Rupiahs upon your arrival in Bukit Lawang. Payment in Euros and US Dollars will also be accepted and will be based on the current exchange rate. Early booking is highly recommended during high season when space on longer treks and tours can be limited.



In case of cancellation up to 10 days before your tour start date, we will refund you 80% of your deposit paid. 10 days to 5 days, we will refund you 40% of your deposit paid. There will be no refund issued for shorter notice cancellation. We are unable to refund any PayPal/transaction fees that may have been incurred during this time. [/toggle]



It’s important that you’re in good health when you book any tour/trek/activity we offer. Please advise us of any medical conditions that we should be aware of that may affect you and bring along any medicines you may need. Please note that whilst your trek will be tailored according to your level of fitness/age/health, some trails are steep and require climbing. In the hot and humid weather, it’s important to go at your own pace, drink lots of water and advise your guide if you’re feeling unwell. For those travelling with young children or who are less mobile, we would highly recommend booking our Happy trek (half day trek). If you are interested in a longer trek but unsure whether it would be suitable for you, please feel free to contact us for advice. Please advise us of any dietary requirements when booking, to allow our guides to cater accordingly.

Trek Start Times:

We aim to start all of our treks at around 8.30am, after you have finished your breakfast. Please contact us if you would like to start any earlier or later on.



For longer treks, rafting is included in the package price, allowing you to venture further into the jungle on your trek and see more wildlife. Should you not wish to return by raft, your route will be more circular.


Our guides:

 All our guides, porters and assistants are born and raised in the Bukit Lawang area and are licensed by the Bukit Lawang Guide Association. 

Working in the Gunung Leuser National Park since they were young, all our guides have undergone a minimum of 5 years training whilst working as assistant guides before qualifying, so have excellent English.

 Our Guides follow a strict code of conduct, which includes no feeding of the wildlife, no littering and keeping noise to an absolute minimum whilst trekking. 


Guidelines for wildlife encounters:

If you encounter Orangutans in the jungle, keep a distance of at least 5 metres away at all times. Do not approach or try to touch them, because they are very sensitive to human disease, and make sure you never come between a mother and her baby.

Always keep noise to a minimum when you walk through the forest otherwise you may scare animals away.

Keep your eyes open for the smaller, unique, often overlooked animals and insects, for example, butterflies, termites, ants, frogs etc.

Always stay in your group and never lose contact with your guide during your time in the jungle.