Bukit Lawang 5 days jungle expedition.


Day 01 :

After breakfast, Our  guide will pick up you at 8.30am from your guesthouse/ Hotel in Bukit Lawang and you will start your journey into the jungle of Gunung Leuser National Park to see wild orangutans. On your trek (6-7 hours) your guide will educate you on the local wildlife, flora and fauna you may encounter in Gunung Leuser. After lunch, you will continue your trek to see other wildlife (if you’re lucky you may see the Thomas’ leaf monkey, white-handed gibbon, black gibbon, long-tailed macaque, pig-tailed macaque, hornbills, peacocks and monitor lizards) and learn about the trees/plants which can be used in traditional medicine. 

Late afternoon-your guide will select a suitable spot next to a small river in the depths of the forest (Perbatasan) to set-up camp. Spend your free time swimming, help prepare dinner or even learn some jungle skills. Before settling down to sleep surrounded by the sounds of the jungle and river. 

Day 02 :

Continue your adventure into the jungle, spotting wildlife throughout the day and learning more about orangutans (their behaviour, lifestyle and social skills). Camp deep in the jungle at Jamur Batu Atas, a short walk from a waterfall with a deep pool where you can relax and refresh yourself after a day of trekking.

Day 03 :

Follow the river deep into the jungle, spotting wild animals drinking along the way, and stopping to collect jungle vegetables for dinner. Camp for the night will be at Mount Uning, on flat terrain. Weather permitting, the guide will take you for a walk around the area of Uning, where you may be fortunate enough to see deer and other wildlife.

Day 04 :

Adventure deeper into the rainforest, walking through valleys, climbing hills and crossing small rivers, to discover where tigers, elephants, wild pigs, snakes and many other animals all live and how they survive in the forest. Camp will be set-up at Alur Perak, a watering hole, popular with the local wildlife. 

Day 05 :

Conclude your adventure with a short trek, before rafting ‘jungle style’ down the Bohorok river to your village accommodation, passing beautiful green hills stretching alongside the river. If you’re lucky, you may also spot groups of monkeys in the trees, monitor lizards and much more.

Price : 2 – 6 Persons/ 200 Euros per persons.

Includes : Guide fee, meals (day 1-lunch, dinner, fruit, days 2, 3, 4-breakfast, lunch, dinner, fruit, day 5-breakfast, lunch, fruit), all equipment (tent, roll mat, sleeping bag) , and traditional tube rafting back during the trek. Entrance fee to Gunung leuser national park of 10 Euros/person.


What to brings:

  • A small backpack with clothes, raincoat, swimwear, small towel, small pillow, personal items, toilet paper, medicines, camera + spare battery + memory card (in a waterproof bag), insect repellent, sunblock, torch, plastic bag (to put wet clothes in), sandals/flip flops (to walk around the camp).
  • Please make sure your luggage is as light as possible (ideally under 10kg).
  • a 1.5L bottle of water for each person, which the guide will refill at the camp with boiled water.
  • Clothing: long sleeves/trousers are optional as there are few mosquitos. Although nights can be cold in the jungle. Wearing something comfortable is most important.
  • Shoes: waterproof shoes with good grip/tread are essential for slippery paths.

* 1 person-Please contact us. Where possible, we will place you with other groups to make sure you do not miss out.