Aek Sijornih Waterfall.

Aek Sijorni, Beautiful Waterfront Waterfall in South Tapanuli North Sumatra.

Aek Sijorni is a natural tourist attraction located in Kelurahan Sayur Matinggi, Tapanuli Selatan North Sumatra, approximately 30 km from the city of Padang Sidempuan towards Mandailing Natal. This place is one of the interesting destinations that might make you fall in love with the area of ‚Äč‚Äčorigin bika ambon.

This place offers panoramic views of a multi-story waterfall with a dense confluence of coconut trees around. Aek Sijorni comes from the Batak language. Aek which means water while Sijorni is clear when put together can be interpreted Clear Water. Aek Sijorni is indeed has a very clear water and white sand, this water tour also has a waterfall that is approximately 10 meters of sloping and decorated with coconut trees that grow in the middle of the waterfall. The rock that forms the steps makes the scenery at Aek Sijorni more dramatic

Inside the area there are 2 waterfalls, the waterfall on the left is allowed to plunge and flow through the small trenches are clean and clear water. And the right waterfall flows and ends in a pond to hold water as a place to swim visitors. Aek Sijornih Waterfall itself is actually a waterfall consisting of two waterfalls, these two waterfalls are mini-sized. If you often see most waterfalls that are usually sized high and slender and perpendicular, the waterfall Aek Sijorni is located in the field of slop or miringan on the ground with lime content. Really different from most waterfalls. In the guarantee you will surely enjoy this Aek Sijorni waterfall.

Once tired of swimming, you can rest in saung or cottage that has been provided. You can also order fried fish you know. You can also buy other food, because there are also some restaurants. This place also provided facilities such as musholla, toilets, changing rooms and parking lot. For Aek Sijorni tourist entrance is beautiful In South Tapanuli North Sumatra is quite cheap, about Rp 15.000 / person.

Access to Aek Sijorni tour is quite easy, you can depart from Medan to the city of Padang Sidempuan with ground transportation and mileage about 380 km. From Padang Sidempuan to Aek Sijorni, the journey takes approximately one hour. Next you must pass first hanging bridge that lies about 25 meters and walk again for 15 minutes.

This waterfall has a very clear water, such as crystals and currents are very heavy, the air in this cool and cool area is perfect for bathing and recreation with your family. The water from Aek Sijorni has never changed its color or mud, even in heavy rain.

Listening to the flow of falling water while enjoying the cool breeze of the gentle stroked wind of this waterfall became one of the other ways to enjoy the tour in North Sumatra. Cool and beautiful make this place is visited by many tourists.