Pusuk Buhit, A Beautiful Mountain On Samosir Island.

Pusuk Buhit is a mountain of 1972 Mdpl altitude located on the Samosir Island, although not too high, but Pusuk Buhit offers incredible natural scenery.

From the peak of Mount Pusuk Buhit you can see the extent of Lake Toba to the beautiful sunrise and sunset, such as Mount Agung in Bali is sacred by the Hindus, Pusuk Buhit is also a sacred mountain for the Batak Tribe. This is because Pusuk Buhit is believed to be the descendant of the Batak King in ancient times.

For those of you who want to ride Pusuk Buhit, there are several climbing routes, including:

  • Village Huta Ginjang, District of Sianjur Mula-Mula
  • Through Aek Rangat Village Among the paths above, the climbing route through Huta Ginjang is the most popular route, especially for first climbers who first climb Mount Pusuk Buhit.

Because if we pass the path, we will also pass some tourist attractions.

There are two ways to climb this Pusuk Buhit Samosir,

  1. Use the motorcycle, though can not reach the top, but at least we can get to the middle of the mountain.
  2. Climb with several hours.

History and Legend of Pusuk Buhit

Pusuk Buhit is the remains of an ancient volcanic eruption, namely Mount Toba. According to local community legend is the descendant of the human gods, namely Siraja Odap-Odap and Siboru Panujar who lowered the first Batak tribe (Siraja Batak) in Pusuk Buhit this.

History Siraja Batak according to Batak historians say that SiRaja Batak and rombongnya originated from Thailand that spread to Sumatra through Peninsular Malaysia and finally arrived in Sianjur. Initially until finally decided to settle there. The history of the Batak tribe is somewhat difficult to trace because of the lack of inscriptions that explain the origin of this tribe. In addition to Pusuk Buhit Lake Toba, there are some interesting places around Pusuk Buhit that we can visit,

  • Tele Tower is the first tower we see when it entered the Lake Toba Caldera region in Medan City, Tele Tower has 4 floors. Climb up to the top floor, from there you can see the scenery of Lake Toba and Mount Pusuk Buhit from a distance.

  • Aek Sipitu Dae (Water seven flavors) is a popular public baths in the area of Samosir Island, this bath is located in Limbong Sigala Village. After a long journey to the island of Samosir, take a moment to bathe in Aek Sipitu Dae baths. Cold water will make your body refreshed again.

  • Hobon stone is a stone as big as a table, according to the story, Batu Hobon is the result of the hand of King Uti (grandson of the Batak King). This Hobon stone was formerly used to store the heirlooms of the Batak people.