The beauty of the great argus dance.

The great argus is native to Sumatra (Indonesia), Kalimantan (Indonesia) and Brunei Darussalam.

The great argus has a diet mostly of fruit, but also insects, both scavenged from the forest floor.

The male great argus is well-known for its dance, which it performs during the breeding season to attract mates. It spreads its tail and dances around a patch of  forest floor before mating with the female. Mature male great arguses live in a smaller range, based around their personal dancing ground, which is kept clear of leaves, than juvenile birds. 

Great Argus mating dance, near Bukit Lawang

The great argus is a solitary bird, only meeting other members of its species to breed. The female lays two or three eggs in a nest built in a tree. Both male and female great argus spend much of their times resting in the trees – their large size and dependence on scavenged food from the forest floors mean that is energy conservations is important. Population density is low, to avoid competition between individuals.